2010-11-14 Hathersage Walking (Sun)

The weather was still good so those wanting a walk headed over to Ladybower Reservoir to see what there was to see. A smaller contingent went walking along the river Derwent, and some went exploring the history around the area to find Bronte Cottage and “Jane Eyre” country.

For those that made it onto the tops, the lighting and visibility were vividly stunning from the low angle of the autumn sun and the cool clear unpolluted air from the Arctic. You don’t get such clear sights with the murk from the UK and the rest of Europe! As the day progressed and the cloud base lowered, in the distance Kinder Scout and the western edge of the Pennines kindly pushed the cloud base up to stay just above our heads and spawned a little discussion of compass bearings and (meteorology) orography…

One of our group wished for a shorter walk and so backtracked down early. The rest of us extended the route to make the most of the time and conditions and interest. Excellent walk!

Can anyone identify the mystery object and explain the mystery feature?

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