Hoarwithy Church

After a fun paddle down the River Wye, some of the group ventured inland to investigate a rather intriguing ecclesiastical edifice overlooking our campsite.

The Italinate St. Catherine’s Church at Hoarwithy has unique styling when compared to the numerous other ‘traditional’ churches in the area. The church is, in fact, a chapelry attached to Hentland Parish Church.

We were very quietly and very keenly watched by three house martins as we entered the cloisters. Inside, our ecologist members went somewhat batty over some of the Dubricius depictions and his casting away the Devil with a sternly crooked finger…

The flamboyant mix of marble and elaborate mosaics and carvings were quite a surprise for such an unassuming village. The church is very much in use. Shame the external stonework is in such desperate need of repair…


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