Shepshed Watermill

E&E took a select group of us on a random wander through the fields around Shepshed to sneak up upon an open day at Shepshed Watermill.

Wandering the fields, there was a very noticeable difference between areas of cultivation with a natural looking mix of crop interspersed with (wild?) poppies and buttercups, contrasting sharply with other areas of a completely sterile and utterly uniform shade of intensively farmed monoculture as far as the eye could see and nothing else. A very stark example of the power of intensive farming.

The watermill has got to be seen for the labour of love that has gone into making for an immaculate renovation back into a fully operating mill. We were also treated to some vintage vehicles and a warm welcome by the hosts.

Afterwards, we took a more direct route through Shepshed to sample pimms, beer, wine, and an excellent selection of home produce.

Thanks to E&E for organising.

– Martin

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