First Sample of a few Spirits In and Under Nottingham

An especially highly select and spirited team from EMATG and London didst assemble to adventure around a ghostly (and mildly historical) Nottingham Ghost Walk.

Thankfully, certain members of the group were remarkably well behaved and were perhaps suitably distracted to resist all temptation from the multitudinous multifarious shoppes we breezed past. However… The military precision planning was soon all snafu from the group loitering in far greater appreciation than had been anticipated at some of the revelations along the way. A few fine ales conspired further, adding revelationary/revelling delay… 😉

One especially big surprise was the Park Tunnel. Who would ever imagine allowing a decrepit ugly car park to be built to block the entrance!? Unbelievable!

All told, we proceeded along approximately a mere 1/4 of the intended route and points of interest. Darkness and the allure of food then won over the evening. Amazingly, certain members of the group were so enthralled (merry 😉 ) as to forgo last orders at The Victoria Hotel to instead delight in Moroccan style deserts. With some reluctance, we managed to catch a late bus back with just mere minutes to spare.

Despite spookily threatening weather, I think a very good day was had by all.

We even met an often seen early evening spooky white ghost! 46-years-in-the-job and still going strong! (The Dave of D & S Seafood.)

The photos below show the route we toured. Visits into some of the caves might be arranged for another day, let me know if interested. A recurring surprise is that despite the history of Nottingham literally resting on the man made caves all under the city, very little is made of the caves for tourism and many caves appear to be completely neglected or left to be wantonly destroyed by new construction.

‘Ghost Walk #2’ will be sometime in the spring as soon as the days offer enough light so as to be not too spooky!


A few links for where we visited:

We then rushed through the concrete sprawl of the Broadmarsh Centre to the excellent Restaurant Marrakesh (6 Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JQ).

The third of the claimed oldest pubs is the Ye Olde Salutation Inn.

A good overview (underview?) of Nottingham’s caves is given on:

General Nottingham history can be found on:

And see “Ghostly tales from the trip…” for a few ghost stories in and under the castle! 🙂

And… Finally… Here is the (4 minutes slideshow) photo-journal:

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