Long Itchington Beer Festival

I think we all had a very good weekend despite what was looking like was going to be a muddy wash-out! One, and possibly two or three of the ‘camper vans’ were game to test their 4wd capabilities 😉 It was very good to see our group bio/beer brewing expert Rich sniff out such an excellent event. A brief selection of pictures are shown below 🙂

We were very lucky for the weather for our camping. We got the tent up quickly inbetween showers and we were inbetween some stonkin’ big vehicles so we were nicely sheltered. Also, we very carefully planted ourselves on a slight mound that was less wet than elsewhere. Later in the evening, I think we were too zonked to notice if it rained… Others in the group were rather late back from the beers…

No hangover for the next day but I didn’t need any wheels to be wobbly!

We enjoyed a very good selection of beer, all in a good and friendly village. Still surprised for the number of pubs there…

Unfortunately, there was the one minor detail of all the catering being very much not veggie-friendly 🙁 Sarah’s sandwiches were good and easily made up for that small detail 🙂

I’m still giggling over being so impressed with the new double-sized cab, air suspension, chunky tyres, and very impressive clean rework of The Richard Monster… Especially so for the hydraulic ram operated extension to the chassis just to hold bikes and a spare tyre – a very clever addition. I was also admiring the beautiful welding work presumably from Welder Dabbs. … Only to then find the real now chameleon coloured Monster sinking into the grass (parked) alongside on the opposite side of the new doppelganger in the group! Ooops… 😉

During the day, we all went on various walking, wandering, or cycling expeditions to explore round abouts. We noticed quite a few canal boats moored along the canal for the festival. There was also the Exploditions couple with their horse drawn traditional caravan filled to capacity giving tours of the village. All good fun!

The campsite is Marton Road Farm and is almost in the village itself.

Here’s a few pics, 06/05/2012:

and Sarah


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