Starving Luddites

We’re just back from the Mikron Theatre @ The Victoria, Beeston, and it was rather a good do considering the quite difficult subject, all woven into a good story. Also, all somewhat more informative than my schooling and vastly better presented and entertaining. I never knew what a Cropper was or what Croppers do… Do you? One of the stirring songs was The Cropper Lads from the Luddite actions of 1812. The ending was unusual for a Mikron Theatre play. There was more to the Luddites than just the smashing of a few bits of machinery.

Very aptly, some nearby very noisy mobile machinery that can be expected at semi-regular intervals for that venue was deftly included into the proceedings 😉

Our earlier estimates for easily getting tickets on the night may need to be revised… Both the outside marquees were pretty much full!

In summary: A very good do from a slightly different crew to those we’ve seen before.


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