Spiriting Around Nottingham – Second Sample


Herewith is the photo-shoot of the second ‘Ghost Walk’ around the second quarter of our ghostly-historic wander about and under the city of Nottingham nee Snotingaham nee Tigguo Cobauc (Brythonic “Place of Caves”) or Y Ty Ogofog (Welsh “The Cavey Dwelling”).

Scroll down and single-click for the 4 minutes picture show. And for those that missed the fun:

Most of the group arrived early for a grand Sarah prepared lunch to fortify us for the day. A brief bus ride into the city later set us on our way to view a few sights old and not so beautifully old. Certain members of the group very nearly fell by the wayside on seeing the very first shop on our route!…

Nonetheless, we all made it to our first double ghosting at Ye Olde Salutation (to The Archangel Gabriel). Refortified with fine pub fayre, we then ventured into the subterranean company of two ghosts.

Continuing onwards and under the inevitable concrete subterranea, we passed St Nicholas’ Church, a Fothergill or two, and walked along historic (Low, Middle, High) Pavement to tour through the newly reopened caves in the cliff face under the Broadmarsh shopping centre, to find the next tour to be fully booked up. Indeed, all the tours for that day were fully booked with our group filling the following tour. The entrance to the caves is a little confusing in that it looks very much like a small trinkets shop rather than a portal to a previous world. We booked our places and explored a little more of our walk to return in time for our allotted tour. The guide taking us round was very good for commenting on the history there and for all manner of things of interest. The City Caves are a must see.

We then explored over to the News House and along the cliffs and up to the Lace Market. Various buildings have been built into and around or over the various sandstone outcroppings and old caves. Our timing was exactly right for a cinematic shaft of light to shine along our path as we climbed up an old original cobbled road.

Unfortunately, St Mary’s Church was closed by the time we wandered past, and so we made an early entrance to the excellent Iberico restaurant that hides under the historic Shire Hall.

We then finished with a mini-explore around the city centre guided by Sarah to catch a bus back.

Our next quarter instalment includes the Old Angel Inn and likely will include the Galleries of Justice depending on time and what people want. Thence onwards towards Mansfield Road. Again depending on pub/food stops, the cemetery and sandstone quarry/caves likely will need to be part of a fourth instalment. To be continued!

For our first Ghosting (pubs exploration and history) walk pictures, see:

First Sample of a few Spirits In and Under Nottingham

A recently posted excellent writeup and pictures by a worldwide cave explorer is given on:

BLDGBLOG: Caves of Nottingham

Whereas those intrepid explorers did their walk in just a day, we seem to be doing about a quarter day at a time of walking… The rest is eating and drinking! đŸ™‚

Their write-up echoes pretty much what we’ve found so far on our two (and a bit) “Ghost” walks. One surprise is that there is no mention of the tunnel running from the Broadmarsh Centre deep under the city through to the Victoria Centre car park… And beyond… The Nottingham Contemporary has been built across the entrance, perhaps the old tunnel could/should become a subterranean extension to art?

And without further ado, enjoy a few pictures below:



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