Wiggin’s Chicken!

I think the expressions say it all! 🙂

For our intrepid length ‘n’ breadth of Britain cyclist, that one glowing dish should let him fair fly back home after the nosh… Not sure the gentle amble along the canal and marinas can compare for that feast!

Good turnout for the group, good food, and a good evening. ‘Twas dark and damp but nicely mild for a spooky walk along the canal. Shame a certain two of us missed the start! We did get to do a mini pub crawl with our catchup walk 😉

Amongst the usual talk and stories, there was various plotting for the next big events: Chatsworth, Tamworth, and Woody’s Top, and other schemings…

(There was even some amazingly ‘net-savvy’ talk about such things as websites, Twitter, Facebook and “rss” feeds, and that wasn’t from me!)


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