Woody’s Top – A Walker’s View

… And herewith is the alternate “Walkers” view of our “fab weekend.”

We were ably guided by Neil on quite an adventurous 22km for the first day through the mists and mud and through into the sunset. That lined us all up nicely for tea followed by Kathy’s partying through into Sunday. All gamely aided by DJ Debs and her music pod. Just as well there was naught but empty fields for miles around 🙂

Later that morning, over a stonkin’ Sue breakfast (with Martin Cycle washing up!), the Book Club didst discuss controversial circumlocutions of a book… No further comment… Good fun for the next book.

Sunday then showed off the area in glorious sunshine for a beautiful clear cool calm day and a much shorter Neil walk!

And so without further a word, herewith is a few thousand pictures words: 😉

(See also the cyclists view.)

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