Blakeney Belles of the Beach

Since our long ago forays to Norfolk, some of the sea folk there are doing rather well for themselves:

Blakeney Point seals: Culling ‘not a consideration’ after pupping boom

Coastal wardens have said there are “no concerns” over the record-breaking growth in a Norfolk seal population…

… Grey seal pup numbers at the National Trust Blakeney Point reserve have reached an all-time high of 2,425. … “People should have no concerns about the population because they are healthy and thriving,” the National Trust said.

The seal colony on the trust’s reserve in north Norfolk is now the biggest in England…

Is a revisit to Wells/Blakeney long overdue?…

Any takers 😉


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  1. Martin L says:

    And now the Blakeney seals and pups are to be on their own TV show!

    Pup numbers boom at English seal colony

    … North Norfolk’s Blakeney Point, managed by the National Trust, saw 2,426 seals born this year, almost double the number born there two years ago.

    National Trust experts put the success of the colony, which has grown exponentially since the first 25 pups were born there 14 years ago, down to the remote, sheltered beach which is safe from predators and other disturbances. To prevent walkers disturbing the seals … rangers and volunteers have fenced off part of the beach and dunes and introduced viewing areas…

    An intimate view of the colony will be available on the BBC’s Winterwatch, which begins on Monday today [19/01/2015], including shots using thermal imaging techniques for the first time to film the reserve at night when the seal pups are born.

    Elsewhere, the National Trust also saw a successful breeding season for seals on the Farne Islands, off the Northumberland coast, with 1,651 pups born this year – the highest total on the islands since 1971.

    See: National Trust: Blakeney National Nature Reserve

    See also BBC news: Winterwatch: Norfolk Blakeney Point seals filmed at night for first time

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