Bruges Beer Pipeline On Tap!

Some long time ago, we had a good long weekend enjoying the sights and sounds and food and beer and cheer of Bruges. The weather was crystal clear and with a very frosty cold… So cold that our Eurostar train was one of the last to make it back home to the UK before the fine frost and snow got where it shouldn’t into the train engine electrics… (21/12/2009: Eurostar services set to resume)

At the time, we heard rumors and stories about beer pipelines across the city. And now, it looks like we need to return to test a new development!

Belgian brewery lays 3.2km beer pipeline

Pumping vital supplies under historic Bruges

Bruges brewery De Halve Maan (The Half Moon) is about to open the valves on a €4m beer pipeline designed to carry vital supplies the 3.2km from its city centre production facility to its bottling plant.

The subterranean ale conduit was the brainchild of De Halve Maan’s head honcho Xavier Vanneste, who wanted a solution to the problem of beer tanker lorries negotiating the city’s narrow streets…

(Sue should have stopped shaking by about now for just how high up the top of the brewery was! 🙂 )

All good fun and good for a return – this time when somewhat warmer 🙂

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