What is EMATG?

We are an informal group of over 50 people (roughly split 2 thirds female and 1 third male), age range centred 30s to 40s – who all have an interest (active or otherwise) in travel.

Where is the group based?

Geographically we stretch across the Midlands – we have a lot of members in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire but others have got involved from much further afield (although we see them only for weekend events). We currently have members who live as far afield as Cambridge, Newmarket, Birmingham, London, Egypt and Canada.

Why do people join EMATG?

Some use the group to expand their social life as it is an easy way to make new friends, especially for those new to the area. Others want to try new activities and are looking for someone to try them with. Some are looking for potential travel partners for the future or travel advice from people who have been to the country they plan to visit.

Who can join?

Anyone who is willing to be positive, get involved and enjoy the benefits EMATG can offer.

What does EMATG do?

There is a monthly social to chat about events and get to know people – a beer and supper at a pub somewhere in the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or Derbyshire areas.

There are also many different events happening at weekends throughout the year in the UK and abroad – these range from camping, walking, cycling, canoeing and other activities to social nights out at the comedy club or live music venues.

See our Events Diary and Previous Events links to find out detailed information on what is taking place and what has gone before.

How do events get organised?

We have an online forum where individual members ‘post a message’ suggesting or offering to organise an event. Other members then ‘reply’ online to this message so members can gauge interest in their suggestions. The organiser then finalises details for the event and posts them on the forum. the event is also added to the website calendar at this point. After that – you just confirm your attendance to the member organising the event, pay any deposit required and just show up!

Can I catch a lift with someone to events or do I always have to find my own way there?

We try to car share as much as possible. Most of our members supply contact details and locations so that organisers of events can suggest car sharing groups or so that members can contact each other to arrange this.

What does it cost to join and attend events?

We ask for a one-off small admin fee of £10.00 to help with the maintenance of our website when you join. After this you only pay direct costs for events you take part in – such as camp site pitch fee, hostel bed fee, activity cost or share of transport costs etc. So you basically pay only for what you take part in.

Is it very expensive to do EMATG events?

Not usually – it depends on what the event is. Normally we keep costs to a minimum, share transport where possible and gain a group discount where possible.

How do I join?

Simply email us at “info at ematg.org.uk” [you need to type the address and add the @ symbol – we are trying to avoid spam] and one of our members will tell you where to go from there. We normally invite you to join us on an event so you can meet some of our members and decide if EMATG is for you. Once you’ve done this you can choose whether to pay the one-off joining fee and be added to our regular email list and have access to our forum.

What if I want to leave the group later?

There is no option to leave………..no seriously, to stop your membership you just email us and your name will be deleted from our list.

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